Leaders in industries ranging from avionics and aerospace to automotive, telecommunications and beyond know the importance of product reliability in today’s competitive electronics market. That’s why they choose to partner with DfR Solutions. Recognized as the world’s authority in electronics reliability, we solve even the toughest quality, reliability and durability (QRD) challenges, regardless of where they fall in the product lifecycle—and lend ongoing guidance backed by proven and sought-after engineering design knowledge and methodologies.


Design Review

Be confident designing electronics with DfR Solutions. We have seven design review services that combine industry best practices, fundamental manufacturing knowledge and Physics of Failure (PoF) design science to provide detailed feedback and solutions that assure products meet customer reliability expectations.


Simulation & MODELING

Cut the time and cost of product testing and optimize outcomes. DfR Solutions uses state-of-the-art software tools, unrivaled capabilities and a deep understanding of reliability physics in accelerated simulation and modeling.


Supplier Assessment

Component and contract suppliers throughout the electronics supply chain are continuously assessed by DfR Solutions to ensure industry partners that will help you consistently deliver high-quality, reliable products, manage costs and increase productivity.


Reliability and accelerated testing

DfR Solutions is recognized as the worldwide leader in reliability and accelerated life testing through our unrivaled knowledge of reliability physics and our constant interaction with over 1,000 companies across multiple industries (semiconductor, wearables, automotive, aviation, consumer, computer, telecom, medical, industrial, etc.).


Failure Analysis

Get answers at any stage. DfR Solutions’ multidisciplinary experts use Physics of Failure to identify – and solve – the root cause of a problem whether it occurred in the field, on a test or involved a loss of manufacturing quality.


Integrated Circuit Reliability

Are chips reliable? Intergrated Circuit (IC) components are finding their way into every major electronics application, across various industries and product categories.The semiconductor manufacturing and design experts at DfR Solutions identify user-attributable IC failures, qualify an IC component for their product design and evaluate product yield issues during manufacturing.

Low battery warning on a smart watch

Battery Reliability

Improve your battery technology, reliability and manufacturing processes through the fresh perspectives of our Technical Director, Dr. Vidyu Challa.


Education & Training

We expand our clients’ knowledge with valuable online, onsite and custom educational resources that cover all aspects of electronic reliability and quality.

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