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Board to Board Connections: Part 1

Posted by Author on Aug 31, 2016 8:54:06 PM

A very smart person once noted that all the problems in the world seem to occur at the boundary between one entity and another. While this analogy might be slightly overkill, it does place a spotlight on one of the most common problems in electronic and electro-mechanical design: board- to-board connections.

Board-to-board connections can be complex problems to solve, as they need to be responsive to a number of product requirements. Most critical of these are typically, cost, dimensional limitations, and the ability to perform rework. These problems can be solved, but designers are often not aware of the variations of board-to-board connections that are available and, due to competing requirements, can sometimes select solutions that satisfy some, but not all of the needs of the manufacturing process and the customer.

In this white paper, DfR will provide a brief overview of some of the more common board-to- board connections available and the process for selecting the optimum solution for your product design.


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