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Vehicle Prognostics to Enable Optimized Maintenance and Logistics

The Army has a need for predicting the failure of wheel bearings of combat services support vehicles in harsh environments under high usage and loading conditions. DfR Solutions has the technology to monitor the accumulated stress damage/life consumption absorbed by the vehicle’s suspension components. DfR Solutions has the technical expertise to combine the mechanical data from the vehicle with a sophisticated prognostic model of component lifetime reliability. Implementing this proposed mechanical onboard prognostic system will give the maintainer in the field the ability to avoid operational failures.

This will have a positive impact on the logistics of supporting a fleet of vehicles. The state of health and remaining life of critical suspension components can be assessed, minimizing the risk of break down during a critical mission. Instead of having a large warehouse of parts and not having the part needed, the maintainer will be able to schedule maintenance and avoid mechanical failures. This moves the operators and maintainers to a ‘Just in Time Maintenance and Logistics’ paradigm.


Topics: suspension behavior, Wearout

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