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White Paper 0201 and 01005 Adoption in Industry

Posted by Author on Jul 25, 2016 4:09:14 PM

First introduced in the year 2000, the 0201 package was sold in significant numbers in the electronics industry by 2003. According to some estimates, it currently accounts for approximately 20% of surface mounted component (SMC) demand worldwide1. This puts consumption between 100 and 200 billion units per year. Despite these impressive numbers, the 0201 package and its’ smaller cousin, the 01005 package, have not yet achieved anything resembling widespread adoption in the overall electronics industry.

Pioneered for applications where volumetric efficiency is paramount, 0201 and 01005 components have been adopted in many mobile applications and, in limited form, in specific defense applications. Issues related to the extremely small package size have limited wider scale adoption.

The 0201 package measures 0.024” by 0.012” or 0.6 mm by 0.3 mm and is equivalent to the metric 0603 package. The 01005 package measures 0.016” by 0.008” or 0.4 mm by 0.2 mm and is equivalent to the metric 0402 package (See Figure 1). By comparison, a human hair is approximately 0.1mm wide. This miniscule size leads to myriad issues involving manufacturability.


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