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Almost everyone in the technology hardware space has been through a design review. And while nuggets of insight can periodically pop-up, most engineers agree that the process does not provide the feedback they need. Team members are reticent to criticize, other teams struggle to have the time to participate, and ODM vendors are unwilling to share sensitive design information. The result? More design revisions, slower time to market, greater risk.

 DfR Solutions is defining the modern, updated design review. DfR Solutions is the leading organization that provides structured design reviews performed by neutral, third-party subject matter experts. Our experts have been designing, manufacturing, and reviewing electronic products and systems for over 30 years for a broad range of applications (industrial, medical, telecom, server, mobile, wearables, military, etc.). Their knowledge of semiconductors, power and analog design, electronics manufacturing, batteries, displays, corrosion protection, housing and enclosures, cabling and connectors, pneumatics and fluid flow, and mechatronics is unrivaled and allows them to rapidly identify issues and provide very specific feedback to our clients.

 DfR Solutions offers three design review services that combine industry best practices, fundamental manufacturing knowledge, simulation and modeling, and reliability physics to provide detailed feedback and solutions that assure products launch on-time, on-budget, and fully meet customer expectations. All DfR design review services are compatible with internal design teams, external design vendors (ODMs), and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.


DfR Solutions' team leverages knowledge of hardware failure modes (physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal or electrical), simulation tools, and reliability physics to evaluate board, product, sub-system or system level designs and ensure they meet market expectations for performance over the desired lifetime. DfR Solutions' design review team works closely with the client to develop both average and realistic worst-case use cases to ensure the design is optimized for reliability and will pass all tests identified by marketing or required by the customer.  


DfR Solutions' experts work with the design team and the contract manufacturer to optimize manufacturability based on supplier capabilities, manufacturing volumes, and industry best practices. Based on direct experience in the manufacturing of electronic hardware, including printed circuit boards, assemblies, and final build, DfR Solutions' team provides recommendations to ensure yield meets expectations, manufacturing costs are minimized, and defect rates are sufficiently low to keep warranty rates below reserve.


DfA is a critical step in the Design for Excellence (DfX) process, as it balances lowest BOM pricing with total ownership costs. DfA is particularly vital when repairable systems are involved as design decisions made during system development greatly influence end user lifecycle costs. By knowing how hardware fails, DfR Solutions' design review team can identify the minimum cost necessary to make sure the hardware works and can provide a schedule of cost reductions depending on the customer’s production schedule and level of risk avoidance.

Design Review

The first place I go is DfR Solutions.

When I need robust third-party review of my most critical hardware designs, the first place I go is DfR Solutions.

Prakash Panjwan, CEO,
Watchguard Technologies

DfR Solutions provided value at just the right time...

As an FDA-regulated medical technology company making devices for direct consumer use, our product had some unique challenges in regard to reliability, manufacturability, and cost. Through their system-level Design for Reliability review process, DfR Solutions identified very specific opportunities for improvement in our design before costly prototypes were made. Not only did this feedback allow us to meet our production goals, but DfR Solutions continued to provide responsive and robust support through the development and turnkey execution of a customized accelerated life test plan and subsequent design reviews on product revisions. I found DfR Solutions to be a very unique organization that provided value at just the right time.

Jeff Layton, Former COO,
OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.

The DfR team was highly professional…

DfR Solutions provided a design review of our high value measurement system and recommended many ways to improve reliability through design modification, component changes, improved specifications and test plans. We were very pleased with the results of their analysis. The DfR team was highly professional and we will continue to use their services again and again.

Kent Kalar, CEO,
SensorTran, Inc
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